Education – Cathy believes in quality education for our children.

Achieved sponsorship and passage of school capacity legislation to prevent classroom overcrowding.
Funding for construction, renovation or revitalization of our schools.
Turf fields for area high schools, dugouts for baseball and softball fields through partnerships with public and private sector.
Air conditioning for aged schools to provide a better environment.
Technology in the classrooms to better prepare our children for the future.

Neighborhoods – Cathy believes secure and viable neighborhoods are a key to our quality of life.

Budget approval for sidewalk renovation
Funding for road resurfacing
Funding for the Community Center in Severna Park and lease approval for the Crofton Regional Community Center
Funding for trails, fields and park enhancements

Maryland House of Delegates

Proudly representing the citizens of Anne Arundel County’s 33rd District.
Appointed to the Environmental Matters Committee, Land Use and Ethics Subcommittees and Environmental Subcommittee.
Assigned to the Task Force on Legislative Ethics and a member of the Maryland Family Violence Council.

Issue Positions


I consider myself to be a Pro-Life Conservative. I believe that the family is the foundation of humanity. I believe in the sanctity of life and that it is our responsibility to protect it.I support traditional marriage between a man and a woman.

2nd Amendment

I believe that the Second Amendment is a fundamental right of very American and I will be a strong defender of this right. Government should not be allowed to prevent law abiding citizens from the right to bear arms and I will fight efforts to erode this most basic right


I believe that providing our children with a quality education enriches their lives and prepares them for future success – in their daily lives, in higher education, and in a competitive global marketplace. A strong education system benefits everyone. It strengthens the economy, provides a quality workforce and produces future leaders. I will work tirelessly to ensure tht our children get the education they deserve.

Fiscal Discipline

I believe in smaller, less intrusive government. It should be focused on doing a few things, but doing them well – good roads, clean water, safe communities. Families will be able to keep more of their hard earned dollars, and government will learn to work with less.

I believe management of money is a matter of public trust and should not be taken lightly. Wisely managing resources, preparing fo the future and avoiding debt are the responsibility of your government leaders. It’s very easy to say No to everything, and nothing gets done. It is much harder to do the research, assess the needs, set the priorities and appropriate the funds when necessary. I believe managing these resources should be done in an open and transparent manner. I will fight to reduce the budget and reigh in government spending.


We are a nation of immigrants. My husband’s and my great-grandparents waited their turn to legally immigrate to this Country, and America is a better place for it. Our nation has failed to deal with immigration in a comprehensive manner. Our state has become a have for those living outside the law. It is inexcusable that we spend over a billion dollars a year on benefits for illegals. I will support legislation that ends these benefits.

Today’s Economy

I believe that the way to more jobs is to create the opportunity for small and large businesses to grow and expand. Maryland is unfriendly to business and our state regulations and complicated, high tax structure has forced big and small companies to leave. This must change. I will work tirelessly to reduce the unnecessary regulations and tax burdens that have prohibited our Maryland economy to grow and flourish.